Sunday, November 11, 2007

Board of Directors meets with Pornoheft executives

Each November, the Pornoheft Board of Directors meets with senior managers to discuss the top concerns of the Pornoheft community. These sessions provide an opportunity to bring the most pressing Pornoheft issues to the immediate attention of Pornoheft's key decisionmakers. The agenda for the most recent meeting reflects the many new and ongoing challenges faced in 2007. Of foremost concern to the Pornoheft community and the Pornoheft Board of Directors are Pornoheft's efforts to improve free quality downloads. Pornoheft Research Team believes it can foster a culture of continuous process improvement within its Download group. This means moving to a model where organizational processes operate to drive enhancements to free downloads. Other Pornoheft organizations are jumping on the bandwagon. In cooperation with the Download group, Pornoheft Booking is examining ways to improve communications. Potential approaches include the use of online conferencing tools to resolve booking issues. This proactive strategy relies on developing band partnerships, modernizing internal communications, instituting process refinements and establishing personal accountability for quality output. While Pornoheft is making good progress, it is clear that much work remains to ensure consistent, high-quality releases. In a recent letter to Vink Sperber, Pornoheft's President and CEO, the Board raised questions about the band’s efforts to deploy the upcoming album and to use appropriate metrics to measure progress toward achieving quality output. The Board and Pornoheft management are now working jointly to focus attention on album quality. Deployment of new technologies will improve Pornoheft's ability to release, leading to better output and quicker release times.


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