Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Pornoheft successfully completed December tour

Pornoheft CEO Vink Sperber today announced the successful completion of an exercise by Pornoheft and Se Sichelzecken. A tour was fired including Wild Rover, Aachen. Shortly after lift-off, utilizing their new Listic Music Distribution System (LMDS), the bands acquired and tracked the audience, developed a noise solution and simulated the launch of a concert series. The exercise was training for the upcoming 2008 tour of Pornoheft and Se Sichelzecken, which is scheduled to conduct an actual tour. It will be the first tour by Pornoheft of the renewed 2008 LMDS program. Last Friday, Fisz Dipn successfully test launched the 2008 LMDS, marking the tenth and eleventh successful test launch, in thirteen attempts, for the program. See gig info for details.


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