Monday, January 07, 2008

Pornoheft to sing for Uwe Lulis

Pornoheft Research Team today announced, that Pornoheft are set to again venture into a partnership with Frankfurt's very own king of recording studios, Uwe Lulis, who is back to woo his fans with a brand new album from Pornoheft. The album stars Fisz Dipn's premiere on guitar and will be directed by Sif Dishes and Vink Sperber. "One of the new songs, Der Reiter ritt den Ritt ├╝ber den Weiher, is a soft melody that touches the soul with its simplicity and as always my voice leaves a heartrending and poignant effect," says Dipn. "Well, with names like Lulis and Pornoheft, the album promises to be a sure shot." The recordings are scheduled through the Pornoheft Office of Recording Activities for February 22 to 24. A digital stereo master recording will be produced by Lulis for future permanent storage in the Uwe Lulis Conservatory Recording archives.


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