Monday, June 09, 2008

Annual Pornoheft Outdoor Guide 2008 released

Since 2003, the Pornoheft Outdoor Guide has provided a handy roadmap for Pornoheft fans looking to hit the road and experience a taste of live Pornoheft music in an open-air, outdoors setting. The 5th Annual Pornoheft Outdoor Guide 2008 lives up to the lofty reputation of its predecessors, delivering many pages of articles and further facts. Whether you're packing your bags for an upcoming trip, or just want to put your finger on the pulse of the current state of Pornoheft music, the 5th Annual Pornoheft Outdoor Guide 2008 is your ticket. The guide is an invaluable directory to the world of Pornoheft festivals and live music. This year's vast multi-page issue is packed with half and full-page reports, arranged by date beginning with June 2003 and running through the summer and well into the fall. Festivals are also listed, in alphabetical order, as well as line-listed by date with support bands and venue contact info. If the Pornoheft Outdoor Guide stopped here, that would be more than enough to ensure its place on the Pornoheft lover's desk or side table for easy, constant access. Furthermore Pornoheft Research Team adds many articles, such as Sin Tinybike's massive travelogue covering plenty of topics, inluding an insightful piece on German guitar legend Kiba Kalkei and informative articles on Sir Gogden Ponderosa's bars. In short, the Pornoheft Outdoor Guide is a powerful addition to the arsenal of any aspiring Pornoheft lover and a well-written piece by artist and actor Tinybike.


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