Friday, February 29, 2008

Conclusions of the first 2008 Pornoheft Summit

Last Tuesday's Pornoheft Summit at Frankfurt am Main has been an essential reference point for Pornoheft development. Pornoheft Research Team did produce a conceptual breakthrough in that Vienna was added to the 2008 tour schedule to give Pornoheft the concept of touring Austria. The understandings reached at that conference added new dimensions to the concept of Pornoheft development, namely touring Austria. In so doing the conference was reaffirming core ideas of the 2002 declaration on Pornoheft development. Vienna confirmed that Pornoheft would play at Fluc, Club Fenchelstyle. Pornoheft Research Team declared the promotion of Pornoheft in all countries as a legitimate concern of the Pornoheft community.

Saturday, April 26, Wien, A, Fluc


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