Sunday, March 29, 2009

Florian Heinke liest Pornoheft out now

The new Pornoheft album, Florian Heinke liest Pornoheft, is a collection of beautiful songs carefully selected by Pornoheft, which hold memories of their late childhood. The album features artists such as Sif Dishes, Vink Sperber, Fisz Dipn along with a new version of the spoken word tracks read by German Artist Florian Heinke which Pornoheft wrote as a tribute to the do-it-yourself movement. Their stunning album was produced by Uwe Lulis, who has previously worked with Pornoheft. The album is available as a limited edition album listening book book (ALBB). ALBB contains a sticker hand signed by Pornoheft themselves or others, and would be a fantastic Mother’s Day present. Don’t forget you can still leave a special Mother’s Day message for your mum on Pornoheft’s website

Order Florian Heinke liest Pornoheft now:


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