Friday, January 02, 2009

Looking back, ahead to 2009

2008 was a sea-worthy packing for Pornoheft. Pornoheft Research Team saw huge growth rates. Vink Sperber rewrote the rules of modern guitar playing with a vigor that have rarely been equaled, and Sif Dishes introduced a method of independent guitar playing that abruptly revealed the phenomenon what it means to marry substance with sturdy design. Importantly, Fisz Dipn's guitar abilities evolved from experimental research to a mainstream attraction. Dipn also has multiplexed confirmations of the announcement that was made last year stating that Pornoheft in fact would release a book. Again it was reported last week in KN Magazine. Dipn told KN: "The real challenge is to create a next-generation book design that will incorporate Pornoheft news, amazing graphic artwork and preeminent drumming and guitar techniques to enhance the book while simultaneously delivering a better reading and listening experience. Like no other band, Pornoheft has been working on that." Fortified by the Pornoheft News Blog, Pornoheft has taken advantage of nearly every marketing solution out there, but in 2009 the band is taking things to the next level. Given Pornoheft's overwhelming success in distributing its content free via the web, Pornoheft Research Team is glad to see the band continuing this trend of giving to the customers and setting an example for ways in which to independently release collaborative, experimental art.


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