Monday, January 05, 2009

Florian Heinke liest Pornoheft details revealed

During Pornoheft Research Team's work in a band management system, and in particular in the module of book publishing the team needs to classify content into a chain of categories, but also needs to represent these contents into a format, such as tabular or database. Basically, Pornoheft Research Team searches the web about which information is going to represent Pornoheft. The Team has an efficient way to add, insert, delete and retrieve Pornoheft news elements using many ways including a RSS alert setup for news with a very effective scheme for each Pornoheft activity. Hans Katze, CEO of Katze Platten, about the artwork of the upcoming book: "Simply, it is a structure of data that foremost looks like a book, even though it is generally shown one-of-a-kind compared with other books; that is to say of like with the root at the top and the leaves at the bottom. Elements of that structure are related with each other by relationships. These relationships are represented by a connecting line called Titel, moreover, elements that have no instruments involved are called Kapitel and elements that have lost the struggle for existence are called Neintel."

Pre-order the book here.


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