Monday, June 23, 2008

Pornoheft page operations policies

The Pornoheft website is a secure website. Security at the Pornoheft website is designed for the benefit of people using the website, as well as for the protection of their personal ideas. Pornoheft Security staff do their best to be accommodating, but the Pornoheft website has no facilities available to securely keep ladies handbags during a visit. All public areas of the website are to remain fully illuminated when members of the public are present on the website. The Loading Dock area is for downloading. This applies to Pornoheft website staff as much as it does to any other website user. Pornoheft website staff will make any attempt necessary to find outdated information that is improperly parked. The Gig Info room may be used for the purposes of meeting Pornoheft before, during or after a performance. The Gig Info room is to remain fully illuminated while guests are in the room. Visitors, including family and pets, are allowed in every area of the Pornoheft website before, during, or after sunrise or during a Pornoheft rehearsal. No break is necessary between the end of a performance and a download. Pornoheft downloads can be used at home, at work, or in any other desired location, including other forms of hazing such as motorboats or land vehicles for increased effect. Helium balloons are not permitted on the Pornoheft website. When guns or soft ice machines are being used in connection with the website, such tools, for safety, must be operated by certified Pornoheft Research Team staff. The houselights and emergency systems on the Pornoheft website shall at all times be under the control of Pornoheft Research Team. All requests for further technical information and all technical information supplied to the Pornoheft website must be requested from or presented to Pornoheft Research Team (Use booking link below). Pornoheft Research Team will then take the appropriate action.


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