Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Pornoheft confirms October special event: "Die Halle"

Pornoheft has formally issued invitations for a special event that will take place one month from today to usher in a new family of Pornoheft concerts. The invites, one of which was obtained by Oile Lachpansen, feature the iconic Pornoheft silouette along with the tagline "Die Halle". The invites confirm reports of a die Halle event originally waged by Selbstverstümmelt founder Schröder. Pornoheft has scheduled the event to take place at die Halle in Frankfurt at 9:00 pm local time on October 4th. The appearance and wording of the documents also suggest the event will be music focused and not serve as a forum for new Pornoheft products, as was recently suggested by international press.


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