Sunday, August 10, 2008

Pornoheft to release new album

Wanting to always release albums, Pornoheft returns as Fisz Dipn, Sif Dishes and Vink Sperber to deliver their latest opus. Oile Lachpansen, global lead for Katze PR, told Pornoheft Research Team today the band has not yet made a decision on the new album's name, but is considering several contenders. “Names are moving as fast as they can but there are so many moving names that there is no confirmation on timing,” he said. He confirmed that Florian Heinke liest Pornoheft is among the possible monikers. Yesterday Köln-Mülheim Express reported that Pornoheft would settle on the name Florian Heinke liest Pornoheft if it does not have legal or translation issues. Lustiger Bob, a PR consultant at Kopfnuss, told Pornoheft Research Team that Pornoheft is ready to clear “several” names and is working to ensure that the choices translate appropriately in other languages. He declined to state the other names being considered, saying doing so would interfere with the clearing process and possibly jeopardize Kopfnuss. Bob also noted that Kopfnuss is “cautiously optimistic” that the release will have a proper name. He states: "For sure the yet untitled conceptual masterpiece serves as brainwash for today's contemporary force-fed imaginary art genres. Pornoheft smashes these genres seamlessly into one while interweaving all with concepts, option and most of all, honesty while still maintaining a sense of originality." Kopfnuss Verlag is to release the new album, even though Katze Platten is still involved. In addition to a limited first edition book with a bonus CD to be released on Kopfnuss, a CD only release on Katze will be available. Besides other ingredients, the Kopfnuss version will deliver at least 15 brand new audio tracks and has been described by drummer, Fisz Dipn as, "definitely one of the wider ranging Pornoheft records ever released". Track listings will be the same for each format. Pornoheft is introducing a product featuring all natural ingredients with guitars made from organic wood, no artificials, and a multi-gain crust. The graphic parts of the release were produced by Frankfurt based designers very while the audio parts were produced by mastermind Uwe "The eye" Lulis who also produced Pornoheft's Live at Vintage and Das neue Album. In November, Pornoheft will hit the road for a 150-date world tour.


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