Monday, April 20, 2009

Pornoheft sales skyrocketed in March

Leading industry observers say Pornoheft sales have skyrocketed because new buyers are discovering the value of owning Pornoheft's new album, Florian Heinke liest Pornoheft, with cover art, large liner notes and warm sound. "There's nothing like the new Pornoheft ALBB. It sounds as close as you're going to get to the artist. If you are that person who sits in that space in your living room, you're definitely going to love the tunes you hear," said Hans Katze, president of Köln-based Katze Platten. Katze Platten, who have been pressing CDs since 1985, more than doubled Pornoheft output this past year. Surprisingly, Katze doesn't attribute that rise to baby boomers, but to individuals of all ages rediscovering the aesthetic value of hard-copy music collections. Hans adds: "Kept afloat by the aficionados who swear by Pornoheft's sound quality, Pornoheft releases have made enough records that online retail sites such as have recently created pages exclusively dedicated to the sales of Pornoheft releases."


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