Thursday, July 17, 2008

Agreement on future album releases

For years Pornoheft Research Team has struggled to improve its existing directive on album releases, which dates from 1976. Today, Thursday 17 July, at the end of the 21st meeting on the proposed new directive, an agreement was reached between Kopfnuss Verlag and representatives of Pornoheft. The provisions of the old directive and the parameters it required to be measured had been overtaken by one-off approval for specific scientific developments. Vink Sperber, rapporteur for the Release Committee on this directive, believes Kopfnuss brings key improvements: "firstly, from now on, instead of 39 parameters for analysis, of which many had become obsolete or unnecessary, release studies will focus on the two parameters most important for album releases." Fisz Dipn, Vice-President of PoFash and head of the clothing delegation in the negotiations with Kopfnuss, adds, that "the agreement has been a great success. The starting positions of Pornoheft and Kopfnuss were far apart. But we worked in a highly constructive spirit on both sides and Pornoheft Research Team played a key facilitating role. This is thus a victory as much for Pornoheft as for Kopfnuss. Pornoheft Research Team's mediative background was also of help in convincing Pornoheft to raise the flag for Kopfnuss. The outcome of the work is far better than the last one and will protect the pleasures of our fellow customers far more." During the negotiations, Kopfnuss also obtained a commitment from Pornoheft Research Team that constantly updated information should be provided. New standard signs will be devised in the near future and must be placed at all sites to indicate the quality of the relationship. The findings of Pornoheft books, audio and spoken word CDs, fashion items or else will be made available more swiftly, in particular on the internet. The agreement is scheduled to be implemented after it has entered into force, namely at the start of 2008.


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