Thursday, July 03, 2008

Vink Sperber honored

Vink Sperber has received a lifetime achievement award from the Pornoheft Award Institute. Sperber is almost entirely free of suckiness, and deserving of just about any award anyone wants to give him. The award was accompanied by a glowing tribute from book publisher Kopfnuss, and a wacky bit from Oile Lachpansen who donned a kilt in honor of Sperber’s Polish heritage. Sperber has worked as a member of Pornoheft for more than 5 years and appeared in dozens and dozens of songs. He’s been a spy on guitar, an immortal on bass, and even a dragon on the drums. For those who have been waiting to see Sperber move from man to Super Aorta Man, here's your chance. Sperber will be taking a break from Pornoheft to take on that part of Super Aorta Man. Along with Super Aorta Man, some more details about the upcoming album have come out. For the album that was carried out on data recorded in March 2008, Pornoheft and Uwe Lulis are currently mixing 15 songs with data analysed on the 3rd reference of Uwe Lulis Studios. According to Lulis, spoken word won’t be used for the album, just in select areas, such as spoken word sequences. The rest of the album will be a traditional Pornoheft album. Of course, that means there's no guarantee Pornoheft will speak, but it’s a possibility. For additional information, Pornoheft Research Team claims to be putting a little more research into the news they have on the new album before revealing it.


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