Tuesday, May 05, 2009

New Pornoheft videos on youtube

Pornoheft Research Team recently released a series of video tutorials about Pornoheft on their official youtube website. These videos provide an easy and economical view on Pornoheft's recent gig at Dreikönigskeller, Frankfurt am Main. By connecting cameras inside the venue and configuring the cameras with the help of the new Camera Configuration Team, Pornoheft Research Team was able to record the live view of the monitored area on a real time basis, and was able to execute the recording in continuous mode. Also, Pornoheft Research Team later reviewed the clips by browsing the convenient content on a timeline bar. In the footage, you will learn about Pornoheft by watching the live view from each camera. Hans Katze, CEO of Katze Platten, said he made a beta view recently and about four hours after he finished, a mysterious image suddenly appeared. He said he could see Vink Sperber. "I started looking at my wall and I'm like hey, there's something in there. Then I saw the face. I go, that's weird. Then I started looking at it again, then I say, hey, there's this guy in there and he looks like Vink Sperber." Lachpansen said he is not going to see the tutorials again, instead he plans to keep it in the family. Pornoheft Research Team has not yet commented on this issue. More features about the content of the videos will be introduced in "Part II". The tutorials are available in multiple languages.


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