Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Pornoheft looks back on a successful visit to Hamburg

From 14 to 17 May 2009, Pornoheft Research Team presented Pornoheft, together with Hamburg's best Fat Flag and Bubi Elektrick, on a shared stand at the Hafenklang, this continuity underlining yet again the importance of Hamburg for Pornoheft. Even if the effects of the global economic crisis on the development of bands have made themselves felt, the mood of visitors and exhibitors during the performance was held to be altogether positive. This was particularly the case with the three performing artists showcasing at Hafenklang. All of them showed extreme satisfaction with the course of the event, and reported that they had repeatedly found an entirely positive mood in the audience and Hamburg population generally. The Pornoheft Headquarter was located on a section of St. Pauli, Rockhotel Kogge, and was one of the most satisfying headquarters for Pornoheft. The event succeeded in positioning Pornoheft as the leading performer in northern Europe and Asia. The importance of the event for Pornoheft was underlined by the attendance of Bubi Elektrick, Hamburg’s Senator for Style and Martial Arts Affairs. Bubi opened the event as one of a top-ranking delegation, and gave numerous interviews at the Pornoheft stand. "As far as we can see today, and based on the experience of this year’s tour, the conclusion is obvious – Pornoheft will be coming back soon," said the chairman and bass player of Fat Flag, Marcel Prost, commenting on the success of the event.


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