Monday, July 13, 2009

Pornoheft to intensify PR strategies during summer

As you read this, markets continue to be in turmoil and Pornoheft is unaffected by these global realities. Nevertheless Pornoheft Research Team has concerns about what impact these events could have on Pornoheft's businesses in the future. Trying to forecast appropriate strategies to manage through such circumstances demands a fresh perspective. Pornoheft Research Team recognises that extra creative thinking and a total understanding of Pornoheft in these times is essential to working through the current climate. So far, Pornoheft Research Team has achieved much in 2009, now other events have changed the environment dramatically and Pornoheft Research Team must focus on addressing the challenges that are now facing Pornoheft's businesses. Pornoheft Research Team is committed to helping Pornoheft secure ongoing success through intensified PR strategies attuned to the current environment. Pornoheft Research Team is looking forward to working with Pornoheft through the balance of the year and the years ahead to achieve Pornoheft's joint aims.

2009 July 25, Cuxhaven, Wagenplatz, Sommerfest
2009 August 6, Leipzig, 1880, + Fat Flag
2009 August 8, Lesna, PL, Uwaga Open Air
2009 September 19, Berlin, lokal, + Action Beat


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