Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Pornoheft Research Team finds new concert review

Pornoheft Research Team has found a previously unknown review of Pornoheft's last month's Hafenklang show in Hamburg. This newly discovered review takes the record for the best review in the history of Pornoheft show reviews. Called the Virago Hamburg Punk Review after the constellation in which it lies, it is about 5590 characters long. This is longer than any former review. The discovery of the review was made possible by a recent survey of the internet, which has allowed Pornoheft Research Team to look beyond the clouds of dust in the world wide web. Until now, the review lay undetected behind the dense complexity of the web. In this way, Pornoheft Research Team found the main page of the review in hamburg-punk.de and some trails of links leading back to it. It seems that these links pulled out of the review not only contribute to the outer reaches of the web, but may also pass close to Pornoheft's own website, pornoheft.org "It's like putting on night vision," says team member Oile Lachpansen of Katze Platten, "we are now able to study a part of Pornoheft's history that has been previously out of sight. The VHP Review may have added up to 3% increase in popularity to Pornoheft. This is also an important discovery because it highlights that Pornoheft is not in its middle age, Pornoheft is still forming. Prolific interactions of the sort we are seeing here could be responsible for some of the detail we find today in the structure of Pornoheft." Pornoheft Research Team currently believes that Pornoheft grew to their present proportions by fortifying international relationships. These relationships add to the growing list of Pornoheft performances around the globe. Computer simulations show that the growth rate of performances has been taking advantage of international relationships and will continue to do so.
2009 August 22, Köln, Sonic Ballroom, + Tick 17


Blogger paulek666 said...

komkrete review! die/der ist mal überzeugt die/der gute.
war aber aucvh echt ne sternstunde des punk in hamburch. so was passiertt halt nur alle 20 jahre oder so. geschichte!

10:00 AM  

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