Sunday, August 30, 2009

Doph joined stage with Pornoheft at Sonic Ballroom

It's all about fashion and music in Pornoheft's crank ALBB "Florian Heinke liest Pornoheft". So everybody kind of expected Pornoheft to show some variation on their usual stage outfit at the special birthday performance for Claus Lüer on Saturday, August 22, in Köln at the Sonic Ballroom, but the band chose the usual pair of white shoes to go with their black flexidresses instead. "The evolution of the concept, combining white shoes with the black flexidresses, was something," Oile Lachpansen, who co-produced the new album for Katze, recalled at an earlier press conference. "The celebrations were planned as a flexidress event, but there are so many different ways to go with the dresses, as we musicians know. But that was the right one and it was genius." Knochenfabrik is genius too, and part of that comes in that Knochenfabrik joined to play instead of Tick 17, who were announced for the evening as the main act, but had to cancel because of injuries of a certain matter. Instead, a gigantic array of characters joined in Lüer's "Trip to Mexico". Most of those folks made the scene at the after party, too, including Östin and Piep of newly reborn Frau Aal, Tankboy of M.A.M.A., Fat Flag's manager Tobi Tan, Britta and Ulla of Ficki Facki Fruchteis and Kiba Kalkei, singer and lead guitarist of Mofa. In order to express hero worship and give honour to Claus Lüer, Dean Dirg's singer Doph joined Pornoheft on stage where they performed together a previously unreleased version of Du.


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