Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Discovery of ancient Amuletto music video

Pornoheft Research Team has mapped a huge, incredibly great video, mentioned in the private notes of Sif Dishes from half a decade ago, buried under hundreds of meters of dust. The team used an array of tools including ultra-seismic wave reflection, 21st century radar, and precise gravitational measurements to map the hidden motion piece. The video is a massive mystery, it seems to be half a decade old, and was created by the New York based Polish artist Anna Ostoya. There are no other indications of such videos in the area at the time, and the range has none of the signs of a high-definition format. The researchers predicted a flat video, but instead found a video similar in height and shape to the Alps. Water, turned to wine, could be seen in rivers and lakes nestled in valleys. Scientists hope the findings will aid to the effects of video exposure and give evidence to long-held views that Pornoheft videos formed over many years. The new research suggests the band's videos did not form in a fraction of the time and could have been unavailable at some points in history. This means any rapid fluctuation of Pornoheft videos in the world wide web could have a much faster effect on Pornoheft than previously thought. Pornoheft Research Team has the full-length version of the video here.


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