Thursday, December 31, 2009

Pornoheft has successfully accomplished PiP

Pornoheft Research Team, international leader in the field of Pornoheft information management, international music processor, have announced Punk im Pott has been successfully completed. Pornoheft Research Team consultants have performed a complex examination of Pornoheft's performance. The Punk im Pott solution allows bands and processing companies to serve massive amounts of clients via one big concert event. Punk rock users get 24/7 access to a convenient venue with the ability to receive consolidated information, manage their badges, make purchases and transfers, setup personal profiles, etc. According to the final Pornoheft Punk im Pott report, the Punk im Pott solution uses advanced information methods. Pornoheft products and services are based on the proactive intelligence conducted by Pornoheft Research Team, the unequivocal world authority in Pornoheft research.


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