Sunday, October 11, 2009

Pornoheft release free album online

This week, Pornoheft's highly anticipated free download version of Florian Heinke liest Pornoheft hit the world wide web. The free download version is an addition to the band's last release, a technically impressive release that felt a little strange from an overall perspective. Instead of hiring an internet-promotion team to push the release, Pornoheft simply uploaded it to the website. "They immediately put it on the air," says Oile Lachpansen, program director for Katze Platten. "When I heard about the band's plan, I wondered how it would work without the label, promotion, marketing, but it seems to work." The new free download version features a random mode, which allows listening to any of the 14 available non-spoken-word tracks across the album, as well as a standard mode, which is really the core listening mode. Standard mode involves a continuous move through a sequence of 14 tracks. In any listening mode you can choose from among these tracks. The variation that these choices provide are simply virtual rather than physical, but it's nice to have choices. Pornoheft Research Team also provides a zipped version of the album for free legal state-of-the-art download on the official Pornoheft Download Center. It can be difficult finding the best Christmas gift for your friends. A free Pornoheft album is the best Christmas gift for your friends because it helps you save money. Plus, it is both entertaining and enriching. The original printed version of Florian Heinke liest Pornoheft is still available at Kopfnuss Verlag and Katze Platten and contains 38 spoken-word tracks not available in the free download version.


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