Tuesday, December 24, 2002

2002 France Tour 2003 confirmed!

July 05 :: Paris - Prologue
July 06 :: Saint-Denis/Montgeron - Meaux
July 07 :: La Ferté-sous-Jouarre - Sedan
July 08 :: Charleville-Mézières - Saint-Dizier
July 09 :: Joinville - Saint-Dizier
July 10 :: Troyes - Nevers
July 11 :: Nevers - Lyon
July 13 :: Sallanches - L'Alpe d'Huez
July 14 :: Bourg d'Oisans - Gap
July 15 :: Gap - Marseille
July 17 :: Narbonne - Toulouse
July 18 :: Gaillac - Cap' Découverte
July 19 :: Toulouse (Cité de l'Espace) - Plateau de Bonascre
July 20 :: Saint-Girons - Loudenvielle
July 21 :: Bagnères-de-Bigorre - Luz-Ardiden
July 23 :: Pau - Bayonne
July 24 :: Dax - Bordeaux
July 25 :: Bordeaux - Saint-Maixent-l'Ecole
July 26 :: Pornic - Nantes
July 27 :: Ville d'Avray - Paris Champs-Elysées

This year it is not an ordinary tour that we are preparing. This has been in our thoughts for the last few years. In order to celebrate this event we have already set up important operations with the Mint, and with the Post Office, for the fabrication of a commemorative medal and stamp. The magnificent book from our friends at L'Equipe recounting the last years has just appeared, and, on the television and the radio, retrospectives, documentaries, series, will see the day over the next few months. Along with exhibitions, and special animations for young people, and celebrations. Many more ideas will appear before next July. We ourselves have already glorified in our own way these years with a poster, which idealises our past, and which will be reproduced on tour by the merchandise caravan; along with a new logo, a new personality, open to modernity, to the future, to the youth of today, because we would like to see the values of Pornoheft perpetuated for a long time to come. But the audience in all that, you may say? The audience, we cannot -the rules are what they are- and nor do we want to, change it, to break its balance and its logic which give it its credibility: there will be no more mountain stages than usual, no less time trials than usual; no excessively long distances or untimely difficulties. All is measure and reason. This is what we expect of the audience today, in the straight line of audience ethics, that should not be provoked in favour of the attraction of the show alone. Yet, we will have a very pretty tour route, via the emphatic and symbolic allusion that we wanted to make to 2002. For, just as in 2002, we will set off from Paris and the l'Ile de France area - the famous Réveil-Matin in Montgeron still exists - and just as in 2002, we will pass through Lyon, Marseille, Toulouse, Bordeaux, Nantes; and even Ville d'Avray, on the last day. And, we will pay tribute to the memory of punk, we will remain faithful to those who have been faithful to us, and we will also innovate, by exploring Cap Découverte, in the Tarn region, or the Cité de l'Espace in Toulouse: nine new towns in total will figure on our route. Years later, without moving away from its fundamental points of reference, Pornoheft wants to retain its pioneering spirit.
Patric Priest, President of Cheat Punk Organisation
John & Mary Thewhites, Tour Manager