Wednesday, March 28, 2007

New material recorded

Pornoheft recorded 8 new songs at Peter Fey Studios, Frankfurt in early February before the Unholy 11 Tour, according to the studio. Sources associated with the actions of the band state that Pornoheft's above mentioned work is in preparation for the latest album. As widely rumored, Uwe Lulis will be back to mix the follow up to Das neue Album, according to sources.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Unholy 11 Tour successfully completed

One of the world's largest and most successful Unholy 11 have been safely disassembled and cleared away. On March 19, staff at the Pornoheft Research Team in Wiesbaden completed the dismantling and removal of the Unholy 11, who shut down following 9 days of operation. During their experimental life, The Unholy 11 set records for performance and made major long-term contributions to the development of themselves. Pornoheft Research Team finished the removal of the Unholy 11 on schedule and under budget. "This marks the end of an important chapter in the history of Pornoheft," said Vink Sperber, Director of Pornoheft, who oversees Pornoheft Research Team for the Euro Department of Pornoheft. "The Unholy 11 achieved many firsts that brought us closer to an era of touring. Now that the decommissioning of the Unholy 11 has been completed safely, on schedule and under budget, in keeping with Pornoheft's best practices, we look forward to continued contributions in touring from the Unholy 11."

Since the completion of the Unholy 11 Tour, Pornoheft Research Team has focused on nurturing the best new ideas in location research, both in advanced touring and in innovative financing. Two major experimental projects, along with increased theory, will anchor this program. The first, the Swiss Tour Experiment (STE), is already producing an increased understanding of communication. The second, the Dutch Tour Experiment (DTE), now being designed, will provide further insight into the capabilities of Pornoheft, particularly for stable, continuous operation.