Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Poland and Eastern Germany mission proves successful

In collaboration with Fat Flag and Se Sichelzecken, Pornoheft has successfully demonstrated a punk/hardcore system as part of the first Extreme Volvoid Mission Operations (EVMO) on various locations in Poland and Eastern Germany. The 12-day mission, which began on August 4 and ended today, marks the first time in history an entire punk system was transported to an extreme environment and manipulated successfully from close range. The mission was defined by Dr. Roland Fettfleck, a professor in the Centre of Punk Rock University in Hamburg, Germany. The mission was funded by Katze Platten under the terms of a cooperative agreement and enabled by Pornoheft’s Research Team. "Previous research has shown that punk bands can adapt to audiences of 100 - 15500 people," said Oile Lachpansen, EVMO Mission Director. "However, this mission successfully demonstrated a volvoidity equivalent to the time it would take for an entire punk/hardcore system to travel to Poland. This truly was a noteworthy artistic achievement. This mission demonstrated another practical application of this important technology, which has the potential to provide concerts in remote regions on earth." Pornoheft pioneered this technology in the 1980s with the development of a system that offers concert bookers and record labels the full sensory experience of conventional hands-on procedures while being minimally invasive to the bands. Today, Pornoheft is the global leader in the rapidly emerging field of booker-assisted minimally invasive operations.