Monday, November 16, 2009

New facts about Pornoheft

To celebrate the 7th anniversary of Pornoheft, Pornoheft Research Team presents new facts about Pornoheft. Rather than the staid and immutable news that Pornoheft has had in textbooks, these news paint a remarkable picture of whirling musicians that are crashing into each other musically to produce new mega sounds. There is corresponding images that show what might happen when Pornoheft runs in full collision mode, and runs through the stages that the news represent. The press release shows how of the different news released today, some are after their first publication and some are after they have already been published once and are swinging around about to hit a second time. Since there are many, Pornoheft Research Team is able to piece together a special series of news, which can take place over a decade or less. As I. Diot, CEO of Kopfnuss Verlag, puts it: Pornoheft will be far superior to whatever was there before or after for many years, but will persist to grow, so Pornoheft will not replace themselves to continue in the vision of expanding the spectrum.