Friday, January 12, 2007

Pornoheft spring tour announced

Pornoheft will be performing their original musical revue in Germany March 9-18, together with M.a.m.a. from Wiesbaden, Germany, and Mad Hilda from Biel, Switzerland. "From small towns to county spelling bees or even insane asylums, this year's Pornoheft musical revue will truly shake things up and have something audiences of many ages can enjoy," Vink Sperber says. Sperber, who was a founding member of Pornoheft from early 80's to present, is the group's director. The group was formed in 2002 for the celebration of Pornoheft's founding in 1984, and ever since has performed each year on stage in collaboration with other great artists. "As a singer myself, I'm especially excited for the new locations to experience this year's lineup's strong powers and help bring punk rock shows to communities that might not otherwise get the opportunity." Dipn says. "Pornoheft come together to take the show on the road."
So far, the locations, dates and times are:

March 09, 2007 Köln - Sonic Ballroom
March 10, 2007 Münster - Baracke
March 11, 2007 Recklinghausen - Übungsraum
March 12, 2007 Frankfurt - Nachtleben
March 13, 2007 Mainz - Haus Mainusch
March 15, 2007 Hamburg - Fundbureau
March 16, 2007 Chemnitz - Subway to Peter
March 17, 2007 Dresden - Chemiefabrik

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book future tour schedules.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Pornoheft to reinvent lyrics translation

Pornoheft CEO Vink Sperber made the band's long-awaited jump into the new album business and renamed the album to just "Pornoheft" reflecting its increasing focus on Pornoheft, Tuesday. Das neue Album is controlled by touch, plays music, and comes with lyrics translations in 14 different languages. Sperber said it will "reinvent" the lyrics sector and "frog" the current generation of album booklets. He said the last-minute album name change is meant to reflect the fact that Pornoheft has matured from a music manufacturer to a full-fledged music producer. Sperber demonstrated Das neue Album's music capabilities by playing the song Amuletto. Das neue Album uses a touch-string guitar technology Pornoheft is calling "touch-string". "We used a pointing device that we're all born with," Sperber said. "It works like magic. It's far more accurate than other pointing devices." Das neue Album is less than an inch thin - less than almost any album on the market today. It comes with a built-in 16-song package, and can be played on DVD/CD players and personal computers. In a demonstration Tuesday, Sperber slid his finger across the edges of the booklet to reveal Thai lyrics and then scrolled through the lyrics. The album supports Hi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless speaker technology. With a few finger taps, Sperber demonstrated how to find Portuguese lyrics. A prototype of Das neue Album was displayed by Sperber in September when Pornoheft announced it would release DNA through Empty Head and Katze. "It's got the horsepower to do the kinds of things we like it to do. Pornoheft has successfully partnered with M.a.m.a. and Mad Hilda for a promotion tour, offering concerts in March."