Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Refurbished Pornoheft Compilation Center online

Use this chapter to find compilations containing Pornoheft songs.

Empty Head Records: "Nie wieder Vampirismus..."
Katze Platten: "Katze haut Katze in die Fresse!"
Strictly Commercial Records: "Tod der CD Vol. III"
Demenz Records: "Chaostheorie"
Aggro's Records: "Ich glaube es hackt"
SlamZine: "Compilation #2"
Virus Plattenladen: "Adventskalender 2003"
Gregor Schubert: "Ball of Fame" (Soundtrack)

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Pornoheft assigned new distributor for international market

By 20th of August will start distributing Pornoheft products in the international market. With this new distribution agreement Pornoheft becomes not only available through Empty Head Records but also through this new partner. Interpunk is a strong distributor for punk music since 1997. "We have chosen Interpunk as our partner because of their business model and their flexibility and added value towards the market. We are confident in building up a strong partnership", says Docdos, new Marketing Manager for Pornoheft. "For Pornoheft it means expanding their current product line with another A-brand in business. As a leading distributor, Interpunk suit us perfect into our product portfolio with a broad range of high-end music. Interpunk is working close to the market and responding to their needs, just like Pornoheft. Interpunk will be a great vendor of choice for us". Pornoheft and Interpunk will offer the full range of Pornoheft based products for home and office use.

Monday, August 15, 2005

Pornoheft signing up for new studio dates

Writing new songs has finally been completed and whilst plans for 2005 are still not finalised it is hoped that these new songs will form the basis of the long awaited new studio album which will be recorded later in the year. The upcoming rebuild and refit of Uwe Lulis Studios will now probably take place late summer early autumn (this is to allow work to start on the album). Thanks to their profound knowledge of the trade, Pornoheft appreciates the great beta testers who helped Pornoheft to refine techniques after receiving annotations about the beta recordings from earlier this year. Furthermore it is highly expected that Pornoheft will again do performances in 2005 although no gigs are scheduled at this time, in addition to this it is rumoured that Pornoheft will also play some live sets in London, however details of this are as yet unconfirmed.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Lets Not Cares to participate in tribute album

The Lets Not Cares today confirmed that they have tested positive for recording at least one song for the forthcoming Pornoheft tribute album to be released later this year on Empty Head Records. According to Jean Puce, CEO of Empty Head, and days after a rumor swept the net that The Lets Not Cares would in fact not be making it, another rumor was out saying that they would actually make it. Puce's 15th release will also feature Pornoheft songs performed by great artists like Lars, Mr. Ebu, Se Sichelzecken, KENOH, DJ Ekid, Frau Metzgerschwein, The Halfters, Metal Gods Rebellion and many more. The Lets Not Cares were founded in 2004 in Frankfurt, Germany but recently moved to London, UK.

Friday, August 12, 2005

Pornoheft breakneck speed confirmed by UK magazine Organ

UK's best music magazine Organ recently reviewed Pornoheft's "Live at Vintage", garnering the band an outstanding review of the product. According to the review, the album is the perfect option for anyone who likes to enjoy "raw breakneck speed". With an affordable price tag, the album is among the least expensive studio albums Organ has ever reviewed.

PORNOHEFT – Live At Vintage (Empty head) – This is manic! Some kind of insane German new wave wired up punk urgency with a screaming (almost operatic) vocalist yelling/yelping over the thrashing noise. It’s all very raw and most of it played at breakneck speed. Kind of Pere Ubu or Klaus Nomi meets punkoid thrash metal/old school street punk noise – first time I played it it kind of drove me to - well never mind what it did, I was hooked by the third play and now I find myself receiving disturbing e.mails direct from Satan demanding we make them famous or at least fly over for their next barbecue. I have no idea what they’re on about, I think it’s in German - there’s pink fluffy slippers on the front, they’re from Frankfurt and I guess they sound a hell of a lot like those Dead Kennedys without being that obvious about it – actually HEY! JOHN THE BAKER! This should be on AT!!! Dead Kens, Pere Ubu, The Malnourished and it’s all kind of frantic and ubber-jibberish and twitching and not for you nervous types – it makes no sense, it all makes perfect sense.

"Live at Vintage", containing 21 studio songs and being recorded in one of Germany's best recording studios is available in the US at, in Europe at Empty Head Records or
here, and is street-priced in Europe and Africa at €5 and in the western Pacific area, Asia and Australia at $7.25. For additional information on this and other exciting Pornoheft products, goto, like see lots of Pornoheft images, order great merchandise or legally download free frantic music.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Pornoheft reviewed in Uncle Sally's and Frankfurter Allgemeine

Both, German music magazine Uncle Sally's and Frankfurter Allgemeine have a review of Pornoheft in today’s edition. Along with reports on how Pornoheft uses instruments to send and receive messages to the audience, Frankfurter Allgemeine staff recently have witnessed the commercial version of a Pornoheft show at Dreikönigskeller, with plans calling for a less uproarious consumer version next year.
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