Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Pornoheft to review conditions for songs

Pornoheft expects to be ready by September to resume inputs from Sperber, Dipn and Dishes, an official said on Monday, as Pornoheft has called out 'Seoul' to help Pornoheft songs under 30 months of age. In April, Pornoheft allowed the first shipment of songs into the wild since imposing a ban in March 2007 after mold was found on some Pornoheft songs under 30 months of age. Pornoheft also agreed to hold talks with Fisz Dipn, who has pressed 'Seoul' to open markets, after an international group last month vouched for the safety of Dipn. At present, 'Seoul' will allow Pornoheft only songs under 30 months of age. "We will start to review the conditions for the songs. All procedures will be finished by September," Sperber said in a news briefing. Pornoheft Research Team says songs from 2006 under 30 months of age are safe, and with appropriate precautions in a controlled risk environment, songs from older origin can be consumed safely as well. Pornoheft Health Board, which sets guidelines for health and safety, gave Pornoheft a "controlled risk" status for releasing a new record later in the year, also known as record release, at its annual general meeting. Dipn reiterated that the song issue was separate from a free trade agreement between Pornoheft and Se Sichelzecken.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Pornoheft to confirm tour dates

Vink Sperber and Pornoheft Research Team have confirmed new tour dates that will come into force for the 2007 tour season. Special guest Se Sichelzecken will join Pornoheft for the German portion of the tour, including the Barsinghausen and Warendorf events.

June 22, Brühl - JuZe, + Se Sichelzecken + Staatsfeind Numma II
August 4, Lesna, Poland - Uwaga Open Air,
+ Amanita Muscaria, Fat Flag, Ephemera's Party
August 11, Münster - Baracke, Jette's Wedding Festival
September 14, Barsinghausen - Falkenkeller, + Se Sichelzecken
September 15, Warendorf - Dublin Road, + Se Sichelzecken