Monday, January 28, 2008

New Poland tour dates confirmed

Pornoheft Research Team is once again very excited to confirm new live dates for Poland. On the heels of their latest album and a new chapter of their grinding video saga "Udu (Finnisch Hardcore)", Pornoheft has announced another tour that will begin on February 1st in Vreden, Germany. Confirmed tour dates so far include Vreden, Neuenkirchen, Gryfow Slaski, Piensk, Piekary Slaskie and Czestochowa. Further dates in Poland, Germany and the Netherlands are in the works although nothing has been confirmed yet. As soon as all dates are confirmed, Pornoheft Research Team will provide information about where and when to see Pornoheft perform live. The tour, presented by the concert promotion firm Katze Platten, helmed by industry veteran Oile Lachpansen, is one of the most ambitious and anticipated Pornoheft tours of the past decade. Joining Pornoheft on the bill will be punk stars, platinum-selling songsters, Se Sichelzecken, whose recently released Katze Platten debut "Was soll das sein, eine Generation?" is currently seated at the No. 1 position on Sif Dishes’ hot album chart. In a recent interview in Austria Dishes mentioned that not only Pornoheft but also Se Sichelzecken had a new album in the making, with some songs already recorded and others pending to be recorded. Dishes said the new Pornoheft album would fairly continue the style of the former album, with "more guitar, no accordion and no violin." Possible songs would include "1:30" and "Der der Titel hat". Confirmed official tour dates are listed here.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Pornoheft Research Team to get to the fun stuff

As Pornoheft Research Team stated previously, the most exciting part of the Pornoheft Download Center is the way it provides a program for free high-quality mp3 downloads. The first time you get your free Pornoheft mp3 files to analyze your music taste, it won’t be quite as interesting as it gets each additional time you use the program. Every time you use the program, you’ll somehow widen the initial files you downloaded, hit “play” to play the latest free mp3 files, and let the program update your mp3 library. This screen shows a listing of the free audio files Pornoheft is currently providing as free mp3 downloads. Notice below how many mp3s from this site that Pornoheft Research Team has provided, and this screen certainly doesn’t show them all. If a user hasn’t found one of the important mp3s, maybe he or she needs to add more clicks to the more download links provided. When the user downloads new free mp3s, he or she will be able to see at a glance what he or she finds and crawl those files. If the user uses the web, he or she will be able to monitor whether Pornoheft is visiting their town like they’re supposed to. The user will know exactly which pages of the Pornoheft site are being provided by which Pornoheft division, and when. If the user is interested in tracking Pornoheft, RSS is a must have software for automation purposes. It’s fast and easy to use, and it provides key information about how Pornoheft are crawling your town, the web and elsewhere. Visit this web site at to learn more or to download free zipped full album mp3 versions of the existing Pornoheft releases. As stated above, Pornoheft Research Team also offers a regular version of RSS enhanced information concerning Pornoheft. So, be sure to click on the Pornoheft News Blog Edition link to feed your feed.

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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Pornoheft Tour 2008 announced

If you would like to attend a Pornoheft show live in person in 2008, is your source. Pornoheft Research Team provides schedules and information for Pornoheft here. Whether you just want free albums that will get you into the mood for the show or you prefer premium CDs, makes it easy to find your Pornoheft configuration. While Pornoheft Research Team is proud to offer you an industry-leading selection of Pornoheft, is equally committed to providing extensive Pornoheft information. This includes Pornoheft schedules, stage seating charts, directions, and Pornoheft background and history. Nowhere was the creative genius behind Pornoheft Research Team more evident than in Pornoheft Research Team's masterpiece: the ground-breaking Pornoheft Tour 2008. Oile Lachpansen, CEO of Katze Platten states: "This is the story, and it's to become an instant classic, like it will solidify Pornoheft's position as one of the finest bands in the business." provides the most comprehensive inventory of Pornoheft information available on the market. All Pornoheft albums are shipped via Free Download Express.

2006 Pornoheft DNA, Album CD - 16 songs
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2004 Live at Vintage Album CD - 21 songs
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Friday, February 1, Vreden, [n]-joy
Saturday, February 2, Neuenkirchen,
Nordhoff, + Se Sichelzecken + Chlor Cocktail
Friday, February 8, Mülheim an der Ruhr, AZ, + Se Sichelzecken + Alarmstufe Gerd
Thursday, April 24, Czestochowa, Poland, Elektromadonna
Friday, April 25, Piekary Slaskie, Poland, Klub Schron

Monday, January 07, 2008

Pornoheft to sing for Uwe Lulis

Pornoheft Research Team today announced, that Pornoheft are set to again venture into a partnership with Frankfurt's very own king of recording studios, Uwe Lulis, who is back to woo his fans with a brand new album from Pornoheft. The album stars Fisz Dipn's premiere on guitar and will be directed by Sif Dishes and Vink Sperber. "One of the new songs, Der Reiter ritt den Ritt über den Weiher, is a soft melody that touches the soul with its simplicity and as always my voice leaves a heartrending and poignant effect," says Dipn. "Well, with names like Lulis and Pornoheft, the album promises to be a sure shot." The recordings are scheduled through the Pornoheft Office of Recording Activities for February 22 to 24. A digital stereo master recording will be produced by Lulis for future permanent storage in the Uwe Lulis Conservatory Recording archives.

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Pornoheft CEO offers means to help you feel better in 2008

If you're like most of us, you've been forced into indulging in too many bad music listening habits for the last few weeks and are suffering from a bad music hangover. But 2008 is the perfect time to put your less-than perfect music listening habits behind you. Fortunately, avoiding bad music doesn't have to equal denial and deprivation. Try this strategy to help boost your good music intake, feel more energized and enjoy a healthier body in 2008 and beyond. Aim for at least 5 good bands of your choice each week. “If I were trapped on an island for a week and had to choose on survival music, I'd choose Squarepusher, This Heat, Minutemen, Jimi Hendrix, Deerhoof, Einstürzende Neubauten and Slayer,” says Vink Sperber, a registered musician and CEO of Pornoheft, " real life you grow stronger and stronger, you download music or try to buy music from a local underground record dealer, or you try to order albums from overseas. In case you order overseas, you can easily grow while waiting for the items to be shipped to you by enjoying yourself while listening to good music or copying albums to your preferred mp3 devices." Sperber states that he loves good music because good music is rich in both catharsis and encouragement, and contains loads of personal touch "to promote regularity, control temper and majorly reduce the risk of certain bad music listening habits."