Sunday, October 30, 2005

New images added to visual guide

Several new images have been uploaded to the Pornoheft image guide. These new images submitted by photographer April Gertler take the total number of images in the gallery to over fifty. The gallery now represents a pictorial history of Pornoheft since its inception in late October 2002. Operations started on March 1st, 2003, and since then Pornoheft has enjoyed a unprecedented level of success for a Germany based punk band. A visit to the Pornoheft image guide is recommended to all customers.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

New compilation release featuring Pornoheft

There's a new release from Aldi Punk featuring Pornoheft. It is sold with one of the most important newspapers ("A5 booklet") for 2 Euro only (including the newspaper). It's a tape compilation named "Nicht so grob, alter Mob!", and it's dedicated to punk. It has nice pages with the faces of some singers appearing like paintings, and Pornoheft is featured on page number 10 alongside Swantje.

Aldi Punk: "Nicht so grob, alter Mob!"

Monday, October 24, 2005

Pornoheft Network Research Team discovers Feed of Feed

By analyzing information about news and how customers are interacting with news, the Pornoheft Network Research Team has discovered more relevant information than ever, like the newly discovered German Rockmilieu Podcast 3, and Pornoheft can take advantage of new technologies to streamline communication with customers. Every day, thousands of pieces of information are being generated by sites and blogs. This so called Meta-Information Environment can be fully included in Pornoheft information. This may also include information about how Pornoheft is interacting with the information.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Pornoheft Labs to invite applicants

Pornoheft Labs in Frankfurt invite selected tender applicants to submit a tender for realization of a non-public order in the form of a challenge to several prospects. The subject of the order is an 8-page pulsed CD booklet. This will be one of Pornoheft's investments in its new record project called 'DNA'. This project is funded by the Pornoheft Foundation and the Institute of Pornoheftist Movement of the Academy of Applied Sciences of Pornoheft Republic.
Terms and conditions:

1. Place of performance: Joint Laboratory of Music, Pornoheft Labs

2. Date of performance: before January 28, 2006.

3. Applicants are encouraged to ask for more detailed specifications or laboratory conditions.

5. The offers will be evaluated by a committee established by the Pornoheft Labs' Board of Directors.

6. Pornoheft reserves the right not to conclude a contract with any of the applicants.

7. Pornoheft reserves the right to cancel the tender.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Pornoheft to play Blues & Beyond in October

Pornoheft will be attending the '3fach' event at Blues & Beyond together with The Gift and Cloudberry. The entire Pornoheft product line will be available at the event, including records and merchandise. Vink Sperber is very keen to emphasise that all the design and development work for the event was conducted in-house. "Most of the new products have been based on customer feedback; enhancements which have been requested over the last few years have all been logged and incorporated in the new show." Among other things, these forward-looking statements by Sperber possibly relate to plans for the introduction of future Pornoheft services and products. When used in this report, the words "plan," "expect," "believe," and similar expressions generally identify forward-looking statements. These statements reflect Pornoheft's current frame of mind. Pornoheft strives to keep the information on this site updated and as informative as possible, but no liability, financial or otherwise, is assumed for inaccurate information or changes made to events, dates, divisions, rules or information contained herein.

Friday, October 14, Frankfurt, Blues & Beyond, + The Gift + Cloudberry

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Rumours about the content of the upcoming new album 'DNA'

During the past couple of years Pornoheft has earned a well-deserved reputation for being a dynamic and exciting live band, as seen at many venues throughout the country. The 2004 release 'Live at Vintage' was termed "one of their most important punk records they ever recorded" by Jean Puce. "The new album further develops Pornoheft's unique style and distinctive arrangements, ranging from haunting slow stairs to pulsating and driving wheels, mostly played by Sperber, Dishes and Dipn as some songs may contain Lars. A source said Lars has been in exclusive negotiations with Pornoheft for some time." However, Pornoheft's upcoming release, 'DNA', is part five of a Trilogy that began with "1967-1970".

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Pornoheft news feed available

AtomFeeds have become the premier information source for leading-edge news. To make it easy for you, the readers, to access data through a syndication or aggregation device, Pornoheft has atom-enabled this site, giving you a consistent way to read Pornoheft news. Plus, you're given more flexible control over the way you receive Pornoheft news content. You are aware of updates the moment they're available, and that immediacy strengthens your connection to Pornoheft.

Thanks to search technology, you can get a result for any search you do. Subscribe to the Pornoheft Feed with your RSS reader of choice.

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Pornoheft Technology - Background

As a result of years of concentrated research and development, Pornoheft Research Team has invented technologies, that allow Pornoheft to continuously create spectacular music and new stunning sound designs. You could say that Pornoheft is an “advanced pattern generator” that creates music based on input source material, but Pornoheft is an unlimited pattern generator, which has many different algorithms seamlessly integrated as a whole to provide a powerful “music generation engine”. The Pornoheft architecture allows the musicians to play in real-time even while Pornoheft is running; various parts of the noise may be modified, disabled, etc. Pornoheft can be thought of as having many different “attributes” that determine the overall effect of music. Each of these attributes are controlled by Pornoheft and can be individually varied or changed in groups in real-time as the music is being generated. Pornoheft specifies the rhythm the notes will be generated with, the general direction of movement, the types of chords to be played, there are parameters that allow Pornoheft to be melodically transposed, however, it is important to note that the actual pitches are supplied or determined only by Pornoheft's real-time input. Pornoheft combines real-time control and immediate access method to create music, since what is produced is directly related to Pornoheft.

Pornoheft Research Lab has been under development for years by Vink Sperber, a guitarist, singer and bass player well recognized in the industry for his sound design. While working with Sif Dishes as an independent consultant on the design of his songs, he gained an enormous insight into the manipulation of data by creating what was to become a future Pornoheft song. Furthermore, for over a year he had worked with Sif, creating many of the songs distributed world-wide in the Pornoheft products later, during which time he learned every trick in the book for realistic nuances in achieving special effects through nothing, etc. Based on those experiences, and also to make it easier for them to create songs, Vink, Sif and a guy called "grosses E." on drums began developing songs together with the goal to make it easy to achieve effects that were traditionally difficult for them to emulate individually, such as convincing glissandos and radical and diverse real-time tonal control of wildly panning voices. Not only did they achieve these goals, but as Pornoheft grew in form, features, and function it became apparent that much more could be generated than they had initially envisioned. In 2002 Vink licensed Pornoheft Research Lab to Fisz Dipn and Sif Dishes for use in Pornoheft, with Pornoheft being the first product to embody the results of their collaboration.