Saturday, September 30, 2006

Rumours about a secret gig in Leipzig

Pornoheft, who enjoy rehearsing in Frankfurt am Main, have made it a tradition to warmup for a tour with a secret gig somewhere in Leipzig. Leipzig was first mentioned as ''urbs Libzi'' in the Chronicle's of Thietmar von Merseburg in 1015. Rumours have started going around that on October 7th there will be a gig for fan club members only. The corresponding club is denying this and saying that they are closed that night. However, from the above mentioned investigation it can be speculated that the club won't comment till the day after the concert about the gig. To unravel the possible role of Pornoheft, further studies are in progress.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Free "Happy Lotto" compilation feat. Pornoheft

Over at Pornoheft Research Lab, night shift staff discovered a new compilation from Gregor Schubert, that lists a number of songs that just happen to be free. Further reports say that Schubert included the "most excellent" artists on his list. For years, Schubert, who is CEO of Machtdose, used his skills to find and learn about a number of worthwhile things and musicians. His newest compilation, titled "Happy Lotto", is available for free download at Machtdose.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Audio Terror compilation released

A new compilation has been released featuring a special non-verbal version of Pornoheft's "Tschechien" alongside a broad selection of great acts. Featuring 25 tracks, "Take good care of your little brother!" includes punk stars Dritte Wahl, rising punk phenom Projekt Kotelett, German sensation Neue Katastrophen, Spermbirds and many more. Pornoheft will present a promotional showcase in Hamburg on September 16 at the Baltic Raw Tower.

Saturday, September 9,
Siegburg, SjZ, + Staatsfeind Nr. 2 + HWS
Saturday, September 16, Hamburg, B.R.T.