Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Growth of a new album

This issue marks the beginning of the recordings of the new album "DNA" at Uwe Lulis Studios, Frankfurt. However, the frequency of downloads from the last album 'Live at Vintage' off the internet in 2005 indicates a growing and vigorous visibility of Pornoheft. In 2004 the average monthly download volume was 694. This has increased to an average of 8511 per month in 2005. This success supports the notion of a specific need for a specialized new album. As Pornoheft moves into publication it will soon be time to remind customers that the album will feature a multiple page booklet format. You will also notice several changes on the new album cover for 2005 that reflects areas of progress and change for the album. Pornoheft is working efficiently and has considerably shortened it's time for publication. The names and shoe sizes of the band members are now featured in the booklet, freeing space on the cover to make a more emphatic statement about the breadth of the album. In addition to regular lyrics, the album will be published in various languages, corresponding to the band, hot topics in DNA, meeting reports, various high quality images and historical reflections. The booklet will also feature occasional guest edited special issues that focus on in-depth discussion of selected topics of interest. A special issue edited by Jean Puce, CEO of Empty Head Records, is a tour de force that will certainly provide a significant contribution to the D.I.Y. movement. Pornoheft will specifically continue the former practice of placing publications online before proofs have been corrected, to provide immediate downloading and possibly citation of information. Pornoheft still welcomes input from it's customers on any and all relevant topics, including suggestions for improvement.

Monday, September 12, 2005

Pornoheftist movement - The origins reviewed

The origins of the Pornoheftist movement can be traced to the founding of the band in Frankfurt in 2002. Sif Dishes, Vink Sperber and Fisz Dipn started Pornoheft and in a matter of days, they had assembled the core of the Pornoheftist movement. Although a major point of Pornoheft is that is a not supposed to be a movement, several of the artists released manifestos, the most significant being 'The First Pornoheft Manifesto' by Fisz Dipn released on October 24, 2001. In his manifesto, Dipn professes the philosophy of Pornoheft which consists of three major points, "1. Pornoheft is international in perspective and seeks to bridge differences, 2. Pornoheft is antagonistic toward established society in the modern tradition of criticism, and 3. Pornoheft is a new tendency in performance that seeks to change conventional attitudes and practices in aesthetics, society, and morality."
"Pornoheft is a state of mind... Pornoheft is artistic free thinking... Pornoheft gives itself to nothing... ." So is Pornoheft defined by Sif Dishes. This is not to say that Pornoheft is definable, for it was one of the primary goals of Pornoheft to avoid the labeling and legitimizing of the establishment. Early on in the development of the band, Vink Sperber made it quite clear, "How can one get rid of everything that smacks of journalism, worms, everything nice and right, blinkered, moralistic, Europeanized, enervated? By running Pornoheft..."

Monday, September 05, 2005

Mr. Ebu to participate in Pornoheft encore at Nizza Transfer

Pornoheft is proud to announce that Mr. Ebu, Director of Ebu's Music, will participate in the Pornoheft encore at the upcoming Nizza Conference in Frankfurt, September 10. In his wide-ranging role as the opener of the encore, Mr. Ebu will assume responsibility for areas such as encore analyst relations and leadership, and will steer Pornoheft's technology development. In addition Mr. Ebu will also be part of the Pornoheft encore at Blues & Beyond later in October.

Saturday, September 10, Frankfurt, Nizza Transfer, Untermainkai 56a, various other bands and DJ's