Friday, October 22, 2004

Pornoheft performed an unexpected gig in Oberursel

Pornoheft once again filled an important space. Verena, mastermind of NewcomerTV, later asserted that if NewcomerTV needed loyal Pornoheft to play on short notice, all she had to do was send out the Liberty Bell two hours in advance. Friday afternoon's headlines announced that Pornoheft was three hours behind schedule. About evening, and right on time, Pornoheft was spotted on the outskirts of Frankfurt, Oberursel. While Raffaela of NewcomerTV was tolling the bells of St.John in welcome, Seppl Niemeyer dignified Pornoheft by delivering a honorary speech. Pornoheft's spirit, as it turned out, can divide the nation. Get more info here or there.

Saturday, October 16, 2004

Empty Head Records seeking bands for Pornoheft Cover Project

EHR's 8th release will feature recordings of Pornoheft songs performed by great artists like Lars Becker or Metal Gods Rebellion. The disc is said to have included an unreleased Pornoheft home movie, rehearsal footage of the participating bands and at least 21 full-length Pornoheft songs performed by numerous participating artists. A premium booklet will also accompany the release. You have a band and want to participate with a song? Get more info in German here.