Friday, September 24, 2004

Another "Live at Vintage" review in German

German webzine Underdog recently reviewed "Live at Vintage" in their fanzine. For the review click here.

Thursday, September 23, 2004

Mainz gig postponed

It is with much regret that Pornoheft announces that Pornoheft will no longer be performing at Haus der Jugend on Friday, October 15. Road manager Puce: "Due to the fact that no support act from Mainz was available in October, the gig had to be postponed." As such, Pornoheft's much anticipated show in Mainz will take place on Friday, November 5.

2004 Friday, November 5, Mainz, Haus der Jugend, + Mama

Monday, September 20, 2004

New album review in German on gebrauchtemusik

The new Pornoheft split CD, Halb und Halb, is mostly a story of numbers. It’s the group’s 3rd release in 2 years. It contains 4 Pornoheft songs performed by Der Kopflose Börsenmakler, and 4 Börsenmakler songs performed by Pornoheft, bringing the total number of Pornoheft tracks released to a conservative calculation of 43.

These 43 tracks have boasted numerous irritation, and the question is: Can these 4 new ones stack up? Pornoheft recommends reading the review of Halb und Halb by the German webzine and label gebrauchtemusik. A direct link to the review in German is available here.

Sunday, September 12, 2004

Updated Clothing Section

Wearing the new garment is the brand new way of living, and Pornoheft is the essence of that garment. Isn't it wonderful to know that when you receive Pornoheft Garment, Pornoheft will come to live in your inner man. It is the spirit of Pornoheft.

Thursday, September 09, 2004

Pornoheft Research Lab to run new sample

Pornoheft Research Lab is preparing a study which will be an investigation of the possible causal relationship between Pornoheft's music and levels of being offended in college students. The sample is planned to be made up by several participants, both female and male. It is hypothesized that participants listening to Pornoheft while taking an aggression survey will score higher on that survey than participants not listening to Pornoheft while taking the survey. The first group of participants will take the survey without any music playing, the second group will take the same survey during a Pornoheft concert. The results should show whether there is a significant difference between the survey scores of the two groups.

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Bückeburg confirms Pornoheft gig

Bückeburg has a rock-n-roll concert confirmed on September, 17th in the city's notorious Kronenwerk Hall. Heading the bill is Pornoheft road manager Jean Puce. Puce: "It's the first public Pornoheft show there since early 2003. The show has been said to be sold out for weeks. Two thousand people will be overjoyed when Fisz Dipn, actually a native of Wiesbaden, southern Germany, and his band mates will take the stage. I see no reason for Pornoheft not playing Bückeburg. Kids still live there. Pornoheft will be supported by the parisian Deathrock Cold Wave band Tofu 23. According to Pornoheft customer philosophy the entry will be moderate 15 CHF. It's an emotional affair, considering the total neglect Bückeburg has suffered as far as live music is concerned. The authorities are pleased to let the concert take place because the city of Bückeburg owes a lot to artists."

2004 Friday, September 17, Bückeburg, Kronenwerk, with Tofu 23

Thursday, September 02, 2004

New Pornoheft songs on the way

Just when you thought all Pornoheft's been doing is watching soap operas and eating fried bread, we're glad to let you know the band has begun working on some new material that, lyrically and musically, captures Pornoheft's beginnings, while still acknowledging Pornoheft's ongoing appeal. Rough demos have been completed for 10-14 songs and the plan is to get these ironed out at Pornoheft's forthcoming live shows and in the rehearsal room before Pornoheft decides on a recording date. Recently, Pornoheft did a sell out concert, "Engtanzfete", at one of Germany's more famous venues, Astra-Stube, with their old friends, Californian punks, Fat Flag. The concert has generated critical acclaim and such great reactions, Pornoheft are considering offers to do a few more around the country.