Saturday, September 13, 2003

Sif Dishes receives apology after being held in custody

Sif Dishes has received an apology from Customs and Excise service after he was held in custody for two weeks on suspicion of rug juggling and smuggling. Dishes was stopped by customs officers at Rhein-Main Airport last Sunday on his way to South Africa. In a statement released on Friday, the Customs and Excise service said Dishes had been cleared and a full investigation was being held. "Tests on golf balls that were in Mr Dishes' possession gave a positive reading for a controlled substance more than once," the statement said. "However, in-depth forensic tests later confirmed that no controlled substance was present." Dishes said: "The way I have been treated is an absolute disgrace, but Pornoheft´s gonna perform a gig in Darmstadt in early November."