Thursday, December 14, 2006

Pornoheft's new album released on Katze and Empty Head

Pornoheft's new album Das Neue Album was released on 30 November 2006, three days earlier than scheduled. Since last week, several websites, including, had provided downloads of songs from Pornoheft's new album. Earlier, some sources said Pornoheft's record label Empty Head Records had anounced that the record was available. However, Oile Lachpansen from Katze Platten told Shanghai Morning Post yesterday they have released the record. Lachpansen said the record label brought the release date forward to minimize losses. The new album Das Neue Album, named in sequence after Pornoheft's most recent album Live at Vintage, continues in the same vein of Pornohefts's unique music style. Pornoheft again chose Uwe Lulis from Uwe Lulis Studio Frankfurt to be responsible for the recording, mixing and mastering of the album. Pornoheft is proud to announce that Lulis did a perfect job. The song Amuletto was awarded recently for "Best Mood in Punk, week of 11 Dec 2006" and "Punk Track of the Day on 18 Dec 2006" on

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Pornoheft's first Holland gig proven successful

Holland's first-ever Pornoheft gig has been proven successful, according to Greig Score, spokesman of Atelier Avalon in Tjuchem. Score told Pornoheft Research Team he felt quite well after the action period following the gig which took place in Tjuchem at 11 pm on December 2. "After seeing the band, I feel much at ease and more comfortable than prior to the concert," he said, giving the "V" sign with his left hand. Pornoheft decided to perform wearing new clothing that Hanna Hildebrand herself had developed after a decade of solid researches. The new costumes do change the physiological function of the performer, Sperber quoted Hildebrand, who received her artist degree at a German university. Based on utilization of several fabrics and cloths, Hildebrand was able to create extraordinary stage clothing for Pornoheft. The new costumes have been proven by Pornoheft to be the most effective and efficient ever. Sperber added: "We love Hanna, she is a wonderful fashion designer and a very gentle person. We also love that Hannas clothing is stage appropriate and can be washed and dried in the machine and hold up through many performances. Sif and Fisz also love Hanna's work and this is pretty much all that we dress in on stage."