Saturday, June 11, 2005

Empty Head Records announces remix CD by Lars

Pornoheft was very pleasantly surprised to see Empty Head Records announcing a new remix album by Lars at their cash register, first time to see them selling a remix CD. It’s an exclusive release from Omi Records, featuring remixes of the entire 1967-1970 Pornoheft album. At a very friendly 270 yen, you can order it at the Empty Head Records site. Here’s a statement from Jean Puce: “Empty Head exclusive!! The best mix CD in ‘05. I know it’s too early to say that now. But this sensible mix work by a talented artist forces me to say so. This is a milestone approaching its uniqueness, that so-called “popular” DJs and Composers will never reach. If you’re bored with all mix CD cliche then looking for a mix filled with fresh ideas, don’t hesitate to take it.”

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Thank you to Berlin and Stadthagen fans

It's still such a vivid memory, thanks to the fans from Berlin and Stadthagen, who spent their hard earned money to come and watch Pornoheft perform. Thanks to the people that fed and housed Pornoheft along the way. What a nice venue at Trickster, Berlin. Thanks to Lek Trenté, who worked very hard to get the Berlin thing off the ground. Nice days off in the capital, thank you all. Great dinner at APO Stadthagen! Special thanks to Samir and the mighty Wumben from Stadthagen for hosting the band and taking care of everything. Here you can see pictures of the youngest known Pornoheft fan. Apparently, the fan experienced her first Pornoheft music 3 times before being born when mom Bea was at Pornoheft gigs. Welcome, Baby!