Monday, November 12, 2007

Media attention centered around free album downloads

Pornoheft Research Team receives some reports that the announcement of details about zipped full album downloads sparked a flurry of media attention centered around the band's decision to release full albums online as a free digital download. The zip files' release marks the band's first release after the end of 2006 and the end of the longest gap between releases in their career. Upon this release, the zip files earned widespread critical acclaim, though the commercial success of the zip files is still unclear and undergoes further research. Pornoheft is a zip file veteran and knows that the bulk of profit will not come from cd sales. The band plans to embark on a vast European tour beginning in December 2007.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Board of Directors meets with Pornoheft executives

Each November, the Pornoheft Board of Directors meets with senior managers to discuss the top concerns of the Pornoheft community. These sessions provide an opportunity to bring the most pressing Pornoheft issues to the immediate attention of Pornoheft's key decisionmakers. The agenda for the most recent meeting reflects the many new and ongoing challenges faced in 2007. Of foremost concern to the Pornoheft community and the Pornoheft Board of Directors are Pornoheft's efforts to improve free quality downloads. Pornoheft Research Team believes it can foster a culture of continuous process improvement within its Download group. This means moving to a model where organizational processes operate to drive enhancements to free downloads. Other Pornoheft organizations are jumping on the bandwagon. In cooperation with the Download group, Pornoheft Booking is examining ways to improve communications. Potential approaches include the use of online conferencing tools to resolve booking issues. This proactive strategy relies on developing band partnerships, modernizing internal communications, instituting process refinements and establishing personal accountability for quality output. While Pornoheft is making good progress, it is clear that much work remains to ensure consistent, high-quality releases. In a recent letter to Vink Sperber, Pornoheft's President and CEO, the Board raised questions about the band’s efforts to deploy the upcoming album and to use appropriate metrics to measure progress toward achieving quality output. The Board and Pornoheft management are now working jointly to focus attention on album quality. Deployment of new technologies will improve Pornoheft's ability to release, leading to better output and quicker release times.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Pornoheft and Se Sichelzecken to collaborate in 2008

Se Sichelzecken, partly operated by the creators of Katze Platten, announced today that they will team up with Pornoheft on a tour in 2008 with the hope of eventually including additional customers for Pornoheft and Se Sichelzecken. Alongside new songs, both bands will present a theory within music consumption, production and management that is focused on understanding the impact of individual behavior in the context of music culture. The role of bands has evolved over the past decade. Initially, the job was insular. Bands could be easily stereotyped as a performer. Now, due to increase in complexity, soft skills like good communication skills, collaboration skills are becoming more important. To be globally competitive, bands need to acquire knowledge and skills to understand unique culture of diverse individuals in the context of regional weather conditions and seasonal water outtages. As the barriers for bands continue to go up and as bands try to diversify and expand where the customer is, Pornoheft Research Labs' job now is more complex than ever before. Pornoheft is expected to collaborate with other bands dispersed across the globe. Under these circumstances, Pornoheft Research Team needs to build new dimension of collaborating with different bands of different musical orientation and different level of comfort with Pornoheft theory. Pornoheft will not only be more valuable to the customer but also will have a higher rate of quality output. "Teaming up with Pornoheft is a natural application for someone enjoying music," said Oile Lachpansen, lead singer and guitarist of Se Sichelzecken. "Se Sichelzecken are committed to Pornoheft. I can't think of a better way to encourage more customers to experience Se Sichelzecken operating and building, as well as helping to grow the community of Pornoheft customers."

2007 Sunday, December 2, Warendorf, Dublin Road, + Se Sichelzecken
2007 Thursday, December 6, Frankfurt, Cafe Exzess, + Se Sichelzecken + Lars Becker
2008 Friday, January 4, Köln, Sonic Ballroom, + Se Sichelzecken
2008 Thursday, April 24, Czestochowa, Poland, Elektromadonna
2008 Friday, April 25, Piekary Slaskie, Poland, Klub Schron