Saturday, July 31, 2004

Live at Vintage reviewed by FoMP

German webzine FoMP recently posted a review of "Live at Vintage" on their site. A direct link to the review in German is available here.

Saturday, July 10, 2004

New wavelet-Fisz algorithm for Pornoheft intensity estimation

Pornoheft Research Lab introduces a new method for the estimation of the intensity of an inhomogeneous multi-dimensional Pornoheft process. The wavelet-Fisz transformation transforms a vector of binned Pornoheft counts to approximate normality with variance one. Theory shows that, asymptotically, the transformed vector is subnormal and the elements correlated. Hence one can use any suitable wavelet shrinkage method to estimate the Pornoheft intensity. Since the wavelet-Fisz operator does communicate with the shift operator one can dramatically improve accuracy by always cycle spinning before the wavelet-Fisz transform as well as optionally after. The Pornoheft method is fast, simple, automatic and easy to code. The wavelet-Fisz principle extends to many dimensions and would also be able to handle several types of noise including binomial, negative binomial and Gamma.

Monday, July 05, 2004

Pornoheft to play Hamburg

Pornoheft has confirmed their participation at the forthcoming Hamburg Hyderabad scheduled to take place at the Astra-Stube, together with Fat Flag, who have been a frontrunner on the Hamburg scene and have extended the reach of Punk across the country.

2004 Sunday, August 22, Hamburg, Astra-Stube, with Fat Flag