Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Pornoheft complete 1,5k-mile station wagon trip

Pornoheft have become the first band ever to successfully complete a 1,500-mile trip from Frankfurt to the east of southern Poland, and back, using only a single station wagon and a helicopter. According to a report in Nowa Super Gazeta, a local Polish news media, during their epic journey, Pornoheft had to face obstacles like a wicked totalling of some cars, they had to encounter flimsy winds and a string of nasty injuries that have hit Vink Sperber. "Nevertheless crossing eastern German terrain is extremely difficult to navigate, they had solids which are perfect for gliding over the surface and get them to Poland safe usually," said Hans Katze, Poland Tour Manager and CEO of Katze Platten, "but still, on a stop near Halle, Sperber got hit by frozen water, cracking his leg in the process, thus lying unconscious under the ice for fourty minutes until Sif and Fisz pulled him out. They radioed for a helicopter and they air-lifted him to a hospital in Dresden and, after surgery on Sperber's leg, further lifted him to Gliwice, where Pornoheft were supposed to play that night. Meanwhile Sif and Fisz continued going to Gliwice by car. Fortunately, they were finally unified and enabled to perform the scheduled gig at CKN13 in full mode." The day after, when Pornoheft was to play in Kawiarnia Naukowa, Krakow, "Waves of sweat were rising 80 feet into the air and the sheets of lights being blown off the stage meant visibility was visually excellent," said Hans, "it was the momentous occasion they had expected." Katze continues "in 1/4 Mili, Rzeszów, the stage lighting was marvellously solidified for them in great thick icy colours. It was the night ahead of them, when they were supposed to go back to Frankfurt in Germany, where the journey officially started. They told me, there was this particular situation when they reached Rzeszów. As the city loomed in the distance, it was clear to them that this would be a very special evening."