Thursday, January 05, 2006

Pornoheft to play Köln in January

A gig is a temporary gathering of people together with their instruments, which they connect to amplifiers in a local public area primarily for the purpose of playing music for money and publicity. These gigs come in various sizes, from the very small (2 people) to the very large (4000+ people). Small gigs can form spontaneously, but large ones usually require a fair amount of planning and preparation on the part of the organizing team. A small gig requires amplifiers with enough ports to accommodate all the instruments, stacks of speakers, a fair amount of power, and suitable surfaces for all the customers. For all sizes providing food and beverages is often also a must, though customers sometimes try to contribute certain resources.

Monday, January 16, Köln, Blue Shell, Luxemburger Str. 32, + Hot jr.
Doors open at 8.30pm (5€)

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Pornoheft confirms new song on D.I.Y. compilation

Jean Puce of Empty Head Records is one of the legendary names of D.I.Y. punk compilation producers. His latest release is a collaboration of several underground labels releasing a massive compilation entitled Geisteskrank - The Compilation (Tape), a double sided tape set that comes with a booklet. Aside from a new Pornoheft song, this 2€ gem features material from Alarmzustand, Andi's Speichernazis, Bierschiss, Billig, The Bionic Elbows, Choke, Chopper Heinz, Country Rosi, Decayin' Corpse, Defäkation, Der Kopflose Börsenmakler, Disco, Drain Valve, Extreme Nose Terror, The Floozies, Fröhliche Eiszeit, Half Past Ten, Hot jr., Human Puppets, International Jetset, Jolly Roger, Klebeband, Krautbomber, KSK, La Bad Taste, Lafftrak, Mazzolata, Revival Inch, Rotzen, Se Sichelzecken, Sütterlin, and Svaenska. All bands are especially dedicated to not exposing Satanism, Sodomy and Witchcraft, and they try to give the facts and clears about the rumours.

Monday, January 02, 2006

Live at Vintage reviewed by Bullshit Boomerang

German webzine Bullshit Boomerang recently posted a review of "Live at Vintage" on their site. A direct link to the review in German is available here. Get it translated into English or French.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Pornoheft announces the launch of their new and improved web site

Pornoheft is delighted to unveil the new 2006 site to almost coincide with the launch of their upcoming product "DNA". As a result, Pornoheft’s new site finally is compliant with all the DDAs and W3Cs, scoring very highly for both accessibility and design. Customers will now find more up to date news, more recent case studies, a super-easy-to-access download area, full product descriptions and a totally cool look and feel. Fisz Dipn, drummer and singer of Pornoheft is very keen to emphasize that all the design and developement work was conducted in-house. “As a provider of an innovative punk service we didn’t feel our site was doing us justice but we couldn’t bring ourselves to go outside to get the work done. As a result, we ended up changing the look and feel of the site in-house. We really wanted to put our expert developers on the job. Hence the new version of the site was created.” Most of the new developments have been based on customer feedback; many enhancements which have been requested over time have been logged and incorporated in the new site.