Friday, May 02, 2008

Poland tour completed in Vienna, Austria

Pornoheft Research Team is proud to announce that Pornoheft's recent Poland tour has brought together many advocates of Pornoheft from many different countries. The tour provided ample opportunities for the band to review and discuss recent development and challenges within Pornoheft. Pornoheft Research Team reviewed the attention to their activities, re-strategized efforts to integrate them into centers of higher meaning and discussed ways to improve existing Pornoheft strategies. The band provided first-hand information about various special experiences and formulated lessons learnt by mapping out strategies to strengthen and push forward important components in touring. Maurice de Stancuwicé, Director General of Pornoheft Poland, says: "The most stimulating part of the Poland tour for the band was indeed their interaction with people like Beppo Schön, CEO of Pornoheft Holland, who is passionate about Pornoheft and Charlotte Roche. They met all these great people like Chris and Adam from Opole, Marek, Sabina and friends from Piekary, Marcin from Piensk, Magda and crew from Czestochowa, Gryfow's power trio Amanita Muscaria, the list could go on for hours..." The first phase of Pornoheft's Austria tour was included in the last phase of the Poland tour and presented during a gig and a two day workshop in Vienna with partners from the wonderful Fluc Club involved. All decisions taken during the tour have been summarized in the 2008 Poland Tour Action Plan by Fisz Dipn. More output documents and photos will be posted soon.