Monday, February 23, 2009

Fisz Dipn's guitar deal with Atzengruber Guitar Pro

Fisz Dipn bought his latest guitar, a Gibson Flying V, from Basel-based guitarist and famous guitar salesman Paul Atzengruber. Due to smart negotiations, Dipn got to purchase the V, built in Kalamazoo in 1983, for almost the same price Atzengruber spent when he bought the guitar earlier in the year, even though he has not tuned it. The guitar has six strings and excludes a vaulted pickguard. In other words: No pickguard adjoins the humbuckers close to the players right hand. A source said: "Since he turned into a guitarist himself, Dipn has been a very shrewd collector of guitars, this is his second in a decade, but he has said he'd like to buy the whole 1983 production. He was really keen to get his hands on this guitar because he knows once Paul Atzengruber starts calling, an instrument can skyrocket in price. Instead, Dipn was calling him for eight months and his initial offers were rejected, but after a series of meetings he agreed to sell." Dipn faced competition for the guitar from comedian Jenny Lee Sandas and photographer Marion DeStino. Mr. Atzengruber refused to comment but he has described the guitar as "a black beauty". Atzengruber made headlines recently by asking as little as US $40 a day in rent for his 1991 custom chopper-style bicycle.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Katze seeking investors for Pornoheft expansion

Katze Platten announced today, that they are seeking investors to embark on their next stage of Pornoheft expansion. "We have Pornoheft products that are ready to launch," said Hans Katze, co-founder, president and chief financial advisor of the privately held Katze group. Aside from co-releasing the new upcoming Pornoheft book, Florian Heinke liest Pornoheft, Katze plans to reissue Pornoheft's two studio full lengths, 2004's Live at Vintage and 2006's Das neue Album. Both albums were originally released on Empty Head Records. "We're taking the top of our crop that have potential in the market and investing in them so they become injected into the market," Katze said. "Experience in booking leads to expertise in touring, which in turn leads to new compounds to increase the amount of live performances per month. Katze looks fabulously good and is entirely unfazed by the economic slowdown and credit crunch. Nevertheless, for high-quality bands like Pornoheft, and for record labels in general, the deep pocket of a potent investor is a must." Pornoheft Research Team exclusively will advise Katze Platten on where and how to find new investors. Those developments belong to a separate business unit called Pornoheft Particular Response Systems. Katze explains: "They recently re-modeled their operating unit Advanced Touring and Kilometer Group, which was their founding business. Among Pornoheft Research Team's flagship developments was the Hildebrand Stage Clothing Technology, patented in 1999, a full-featured system that powers stage performances with less cooling equipment and therefore less weight." Sif Dishes founded Pornoheft in October 1988 with two partners, Fisz Dipn and Vink Sperber. Today, Pornoheft has about 3 staff members, most of them guitarists and bass players. They work in three facilities, all in Europe, including their headquarters in Germany and a rock-solid guitar testing facility in Frankfurt.